The Hungarian Bagpipe Ensemble

The bagpipe is an ancient instrument of history. Therefore it's no wonder that this peculiar wind instrument has also been playing an important role in the life of the Hungarian people. Pipers can be found among both the court musician of kings, princes and shepherds, peasants, soldiers and later among citizens too.

The Hungarian Bagpipe Ensemble was founded in January 1989. The group has had several successes since then, the Hungarian bagpipers are regular participants of international and national festivals. Several of them have been awarded the prize of the "Young Master of Folkart" for fostering our national traditions. Our aim is to save this cultural treasure.

The world of the bagpipers is connected with a number of legends and beliefs. The extraordinary richness of the Hungarian bagpiper's world are coloured with stories of witches, playing with the devil and heroical acts. Over hundreds of years a special group of folksongs has been developed: the "bagpipesongs".

The repertoire of the Hungarian Bagpipe ' Ensemble is based on the traditional folkmusic developed over several centuries. The challenging jobs include works connected to research and treatment as well as spectecular stage appearances. Our instruments are made according to the teaching of the old shepherds.

We present:

  • - dancing house
  • - living folk musik
  • - educational musical lectures
  • - historical music
  • - live show for special occasions
    ( Christmas, wedding party, official party)

Magyar Dudazenekar
Dudaszó Hallatszik Alapítvány
Budapest, Hongrie
Karakas Zoltán Zsolt
Tel: +36 20 947 4087